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Log-Book Service

Did you know that the warranty guarantees for your solar installation (Inverter, Panels, wiring etc) may be voided if periodic maintenance tasks are not performed as outlined in both the warranty documents and the Australian Standard AS/NZS 5033.

All your service obligations should be fully documented in case of a warranty claim or dispute.

As part of our comprehensive log-book service, we design and supply a unique log-book tailored specifically to your system.

In it we detail your complete system configuration data, lists of all component items, serial numbers, wiring block diagrams, maintenance records, warranty details and other useful contact information.

Your log-book allows you to compile everything about your system, including all of your detailed written reports into one neat compendium.
During our log-book service we also complete;
                                                                                    1.      Detailed cleaning of your solar panels
                                                                                    2.      Full safety inspection
                                                                                    3.      Compliance inspection
                                                                                    4.      Performance evaluation     

Because we are able to complete all of these services in one visit, we offer our Log-Book Service at a heavily discounted price.

We offer a 25% discount off the normal full cost of each individual service,
plus you receive your own unique tailored Log-Book
plus if you qualify you also receive an additional 10% discount for Pensioners and Self-Funded retirees.

To speak to a Technician regarding this service phone  0448 354 796  or  email us via the  Contact Us  page