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Performance Testing & Evaluation

End the frustration and ignorance of not being sure if your solar installation is working at peak performance and generating maximum power.
Let us test your systems power generating performance and provide you with a free detailed report.
Our testing of individual panels¹ can help in identifying failures or degraded performance at a single panel level.

Where individual panel testing is not available or is limited due to installation methods, our string and full network testing can still help in identifying failures and degraded performances that may end up saving you thousands of dollars²
Panel failures and small gradual performance degradation's are often identified to the partial de-lamination and deterioration of the panels anti-reflective coating. This can create hot spots and thermal stress that leads to partial power loss. 

These failures are almost impossible to detect without  a detailed performance test.

Our Technicians are experienced in observing these small indications of under performance and are there to assist you to maximize your solar power return on investment.

Don’t let the gradual deterioration and under performance of your system go un-noticed,
insist on a full comprehensive annual Performance Test.

To speak to a Technician regarding this service phone  0448 354 796  or  email us via the  Contact Us  page

          N.B.       ¹  Testing of each panel is only possible where adequate access at the top of each panel is available     
²  Savings based on 250watt panel over full lifetime of 25years @ .40cents feed-in tariff