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Prior to purchase or sale of a house or just for your peace of mind,  make sure you have full confidence in the Solar and Electrical systems.

Insist on our Pre Purchase inspections.

We are one of the first companies to offer this specialized dual inspection service.

These inspections give sellers and buyers the confidence and knowledge that the solar installation is safe for property and life, that it complies with all appropriate Australian regulations and standards and that it is performing as designed.
A Safety / Compliance & Performance Verification Report is issued on successful completion of the inspection.
Included in the detailed report we list all system components, an understanding of how the system works, any maintenance requirements and a list of do’s and don’ts, all of which is designed to ensure the system will continue to be a valuable investment.
Because all our technicians are A-Grade Electricians, we are able to offer as part of the solar inspection service, an added testing and verification service that extends to the home electrical system.
During this electrical inspection our technicians test and verify all power outlets are operational, wired correctly and safe.
We verify all lights are working and in a good safe condition. We inspect the ceiling space (where access is available) for any electrical safety issues.
We inspect the meter box for signs of damaged burnt or unsafe cables and circuit breakers. We test the operation of each circuit breaker.
We test and measure trip times of all RCD safety switches and we conduct continuity and resistance measurement tests of the main earth.

We are also able to provide a similar set of tests for any outbuildings (garages / sheds etc.)

These tests have been designed to give the home owner confidence in the condition, safety and operation of the electrical system under test and at a price that is affordable.
These tests when arranged by the seller are able to be used as a powerful marketing tool with a Safety / Compliance / Performance Report available to any prospective buyer.

To speak to a Technician regarding this service, phone  0448 354 796  or  email us via the  Contact Us  page