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Safety & Compliance Inspection

Weather conditions can cause solar panels, mounting hardware and the numerous interconnecting electrical connections to become loose, water affected and ultimately fail.

Unlike your normal home electrical system which incorporates safety switches to protect you and your home, your solar power system has no such protection mechanisms. A bad connection will arc and continue to arc until there is a complete failure. A fire is often the end result.

Protect your home, loved ones and yourself by having your solar installation mechanically and electrically inspected for any safety or compliance issues.
We will inspect your system for any loose items, check for signs of water intrusion and heat damage, verify there are no non-compliant parts or safety recall items installed and verify your system has been installed according to regulations laid down by the Clean Energy Council of Australia and the AS/NZS Wiring Rules.
Our free included report details all aspects of the inspections and any recommendations for follow-up activity.

To speak to a Technician regarding this service phone  0448 354 796  or  email us via the  Contact Us  page

Government and other relevant authorities recommend these type of inspections be carried out at least annually