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Solar Panel Cleaning

Hervey Bay and similar coastal regions can subject solar panels to numerous contaminants.

Salt spray, bird droppings, airborne dust and even tree sap and road bitumen can coat your panels in an almost invisible micro-mist.

All these contaminants play their part in robbing you of valuable power generation, with losses of more than 30% in some cases.
Unlike many solar panel cleaning companies that employ unlicensed / non-certified cleaners, all our solar panel cleaning activities are performed by A-Grade Electricians with full Solar Certification.
Our technicians carry  their photo ID with their electrical licence and solar accreditation.
To ensure your insurance and warranty is not voided, we urge all clients, whether using our services or not, to
insist on viewing licence and accreditation documents.

Solar panels have an essential surface coating which if damaged however minor will adversely effect the panels ability to generate maximum power.

Our cleaning methods and ammonia free, non-toxic cleaning agents are formulated to leave your panels sparkling clean, without damaging any of these essential surface coatings and assisting to optimize the power generation of each panel.

We go much further than a typical clean from a handyman or general cleaning company. We inspect the panels for
signs of early life failure such as water penetration and heat build-up within the cell structure of the panel.

Temperatures under solar panels can reach 75˚ or more, so we remove any debris and plant matter that may have accumulated beneath the panels and may otherwise become a fire hazard.
As with all our services, we provide a free detailed report of our work.

Whilst cleaning your panels we conduct a basic visual Safety & Compliance Inspection with results noted in the report.

A more thorough / detailed and extensive inspection and report similar to that conducted by the Clean Energy Council as part of their compliance / audit and verification process can also be requested as an addition to the panel cleaning.

Our prices are typically lower than a generic cleaning business and we would be pleased to quote for your next clean.

Remember as well as lower initial price we also offer a 10% discount for pensioners and self-funded retirees.

To speak to a Technician regarding this service phone  0448 354 796  or  email us via the  Contact Us  page

Government and other relevant authorities recommend solar panels be cleaned at least annually  and more often in dusty or coastal environments